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Ode To Our Porcelain God

You’ve been a great companion, But, sadly, here’s the scoop. It’s time for us to say goodbye, We need a place to poop. We’ve shared a lot of stories, And a stomachache or two. And you my miss my squishy … Continue reading

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Aging Icons

It’s one thing to look at your face in the mirror and see wrinkles, age spots and white hair. It’s quite another to see your favorite musician staring at you from a screen resembling an old man or woman It’s … Continue reading

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Moving Mom

Mom: Then Mom: Now Moving my mother into a retirement home wasn’t easy.  My story was picked up by Good Housekeeping and Woman’s Day. I hope it helps, if and when you find yourself in this situation. Janie Tweet

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The Pluck of the Eyebrow

So, the other day, I looked down and wondered whose hands were those attached to my wrists. They looked too dry and wrinkly to be mine. They reminded me of my grandmother. Well, she was a hard working woman. Having … Continue reading

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Love Letters from WWII

How well do we know our parents? What I found from reading old love letters written during WWII.   And what I will always treasure. Tweet

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Where Is Grandma?

Funky, big haired grandmother, last seen at  the corner of Ventura and Winnetka with her nose in a book. Seconds before her disappearance, passersby claim to have witnessed an enormous spaceship  hovering in the sky. Her family is devastated. If … Continue reading

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The “W” Syndrome

I’m allergic to cleaning bathrooms. I have all the best intentions when I start out. I take the bottle of glass cleaner and a nice rag and head for the shower door. In my mind I see myself spraying the … Continue reading

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Then: Kids’ Table Now: Tax Table

THEN:   THE KIDS’  TABLE NOW:  THE TAX TABLE   We all know about The Kids’ Table.  It’s where the younger generation sits at family gatherings.   I don’t know exactly where this tradition started, but I don’t know anyone who … Continue reading

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A Personal Time Bank

THEN: CHANGING THE TIME   NOW: CHANGING THE TIME       I used to look forward to Daylight Saving Time.  It meant that after dinner my kids could still go outside and play for awhile.  I could take a … Continue reading

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My Ever-Changing Box

To read how mine has been changing click here. Let me know how you feel about yours!   Janie Tweet

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