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Ode To Our Porcelain God

You’ve been a great companion, But, sadly, here’s the scoop. It’s time for us to say goodbye, We need a place to poop. We’ve shared a lot of stories, And a stomachache or two. And you my miss my squishy … Continue reading

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Aging Icons

It’s one thing to look at your face in the mirror and see wrinkles, age spots and white hair. It’s quite another to see your favorite musician staring at you from a screen resembling an old man or woman It’s … Continue reading

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Moving Mom

Mom: Then Mom: Now Moving my mother into a retirement home wasn’t easy.  My story was picked up by Good Housekeeping and Woman’s Day. I hope it helps, if and when you find yourself in this situation. Janie Tweet

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How Hallmark Saved My Holiday Spirit

I never thought this could happen, but it has! Read about it here! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. And that 2015 brings you everything you ever wanted and lots of happy endings!   Janie Tweet

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A Personal Time Bank

THEN: Changing the Time  NOW : Changing the Time  With the end of Daylight Savings, I’ve been thinking a lot about Time.  That elusive concept that always seems to pass too slowly when you’re young and way too fast once … Continue reading

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Falling From the Sky on The 4th of July

Hamburgers. Hot dogs. Fireworks. Parades. To all of us here in the US, these things symbolize the 4th of July. The day when we adopted The Declaration of Independence and broke away from our mother – cheery old England. Not … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing

  “These guys are going to be the next big thing.” Those words came out of the annoying teenage boy who lived next door to me. I grabbed the 45 record cover from his hands. I Want to Hold Your … Continue reading

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