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Starbucks Saved My Neighbor

Or at least that chain of coffee houses, saved my neighbor’s car. And for that I am eternally grateful. I have a wonderful neighbor.  She has saved my life on numerous occasions by providing a stick of butter, a teaspoon … Continue reading

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Between the Lines

One mother’s story of going bra shopping with her tween daughter, turns into so much more than a trip to the mall. Read my short story Between the Lines. on The Sunlight Press. Thanks, Janie   Tweet

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If It’s Tuesday, It’s Dad’s House

I’m sure you didn’t expect to be in this situation when you said your “I dos” and spoke those “for better or worse” vows. When you stood beneath the huppa, or kneeled in the church, or at stood the edge … Continue reading

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Aging Icons

It’s one thing to look at your face in the mirror and see wrinkles, age spots and white hair. It’s quite another to see your favorite musician staring at you from a screen resembling an old man or woman It’s … Continue reading

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Then: The Three Rs Now: The Three Ws

THEN: THE THREE Rs NOW: THE THREE Ws When I was  young,  education focused on the three R’s:  Reading, wRiting and aRithmatic.   When you think about it, only one of these words, actually starts with an R. But nevertheless, we … Continue reading

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Eight Hours

  Eight hours – A flight to Europe.  A work day.  A road trip. A lifetime. I experienced many things in 8 hours, but nothing ever like this. What does 8 hours mean to you? Tweet

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A Viral Proposal Will Not Stop a Virus from Infecting Your Marriage

  My proposal was anything but romantic, but 37 years later, we’re still going strong.  Read about it now in The Washington Post.   Tweet

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It’s All About the Turkey

Tomorrow is the fourth Thursday in November which means it’s Thanksgiving here in the United States. A holiday which took on it’s modern day form in 1863 due to a woman, Sarah Josepha Hale, editor of the Boston Ladies’ Magazine.  … Continue reading

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Holding Up His Arms

So many things change as we age. And now this.. Holding Up His Arms. Tweet

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Father Does Know Best

My dad reading to his three grandchildren Today is my third fatherless Father’s Day.  That’s not to say that my dad isn’t with me.  Because he’s always in my heart. When I was growing up, my father brought in the bacon.  All … Continue reading

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