Ode To Our Porcelain God


You’ve been a great companion,

But, sadly, here’s the scoop.

It’s time for us to say goodbye,

We need a place to poop.

We’ve shared a lot of stories,

And a stomachache or two.

And you my miss my squishy butt,

But it ain’t gonna miss you!

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Between the Lines

Hands for SS Final

One mother’s story of going bra shopping with her tween daughter, turns into so much more than a trip to the mall. Read my short story

Between the Lines.

on The Sunlight Press.




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Love, Love & More Love

New Mercury Cover


Yes, it’s that time of year again – time to show your loved ones how much you care.  Be it with candy, flowers, dinner and wine. Or as in my case- an adding machine! Yes, my husband gave me one of those practical gifts many years ago. And we’re still together, adding up moments, creating a lifetime.

Happy Valentine’s to all!



If you love young romance – read how Emma survives falling in love during Mercury in Retrograde.



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If It’s Tuesday, It’s Dad’s House


I’m sure you didn’t expect to be in this situation when you said your “I dos” and spoke those “for better or worse” vows. When you stood beneath the huppa, or kneeled in the church, or at stood the edge of the ocean. Wherever you were when you declared your undying love for one another, I don’t think you ever saw that love dying.

And I’m sure a future of shared custody and visitation rights didn’t occur to you when you were holding that newborn baby in your arms.

But somewhere along the way, your marriage got messy and out of control. The love departed and, in its place, arrived the need, the want, the necessity to separate. And that’s all very well and good. I don’t believe parents should stay together for the children at any expense.

But now what?

You are not alone

Thanks for reading,


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Alaska: Seven Days at Sea

The ship

Our cruise started on a cool Friday afternoon in Vancouver. After being greeted with a glass of champagne and a smile, we headed for our stateroom, a perfectly designed space with lots of drawers and cubby holes.


Around 4:00 pm, we set sail for Alaska.

Sailing off

Day on ship


After a day cruising the high seas we docked in Ketchikan.


Next –  A quad ride through Icy Straits.

Quads on Icy StraitsIcy Straits ocean

Nothing like a summer day in Juneau!


Breathtaking ride through the Yukon Trail in Skagway.

White Train passTrain tracks

A cold martini to top off an strenuous day of sightseeing and walking.

Martini glass on bar top

And my favorite day – cruising through the Hubbard Glaciers.

Glacierglacier 2

A beautiful night on the ship.

Ship at night

The captain, cruise director and every member of the crew aboard the Millennium X were all fabulous. Happy to point out directions to the bars and the spas.  And continually offering a squirt of hand sanitizer with a wish for a good day.

On the train way to Anchorage

train to anchorage

Of course, the very best part of the cruise was traveling with friends and family.


The trip ended way too soon and now I have an important decision to make. Should I pick up this


and start cleaning?

Or start packing for another trip?


If you ever get the chance to take an Alaskan cruise. Do it!

I leave you with this final scene: Alaska – The Last Frontier

last shot






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Mercury in Retro Love

Available now in kindle for only $2.99! A fun summer read about crushes, conflicts and astrological confusions.

Read all about Emma, a typical teen, just trying to make sense of her world- Click Here.


Stay save and have a wonderful 4th of July!!


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Aging Icons

It’s one thing to look at your face in the mirror and see wrinkles, age spots and white hair. It’s quite another to see your favorite musician staring at you from a screen resembling an old man or woman

It’s unbelievable to me that Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, and Joni Mitchell, to name just a few, are in their seventies.

YES! For the rest of the story, click here.

And have a great Sunday!





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Then: The Three Rs Now: The Three Ws



Walking Wine Writing


When I was  young,  education focused on the three R’s:  Reading, wRiting and aRithmatic.   When you think about it, only one of these words, actually starts with an R. But nevertheless, we all knew that these three subjects were important to our well-being and to getting good grades.

Now, many decades later, having mastered the three R’s, plus the rest of the alphabet, my days are consumed with the three W’s:  Working, Walking & Wine.  And please take note, that all three of these words do begin with a W.

Let’s start with Writing – I was eager to grow up, graduate and get out in the real world. And get to my passion: writing.  Once I did, things moved along smoothly enough, until I realized that expressions like “summer vacation” and “winter break” no longer applied to my life.  That was, until I started having children and then those chunks of time didn’t mean rest and relaxation.  But more like panic and frustration.

Walking – As an adult, I now have to make time to exercise.  When I was younger, I never thought of making a special time to workout.  I was always running, jumping, bike riding, playing.  Walking was something I did to get from class to class, from place to place.  I was continually burning calories and never thinking about getting old.  Never thinking about blocking out a special time to walk.  Unlike today, when Working forces me to sit in one place.  Thus, the necessity of making time to walk.

And that brings me to the last W.  Wine.  My favorite.   After a hard day of Writing and Walking, what better way to relax than with a cocktail?  I often have a martini, but that didn’t fit with the W’s theme and unlike that person who created the three R’s, I wanted to be true to my saying.

So what follows the three W’s?

I’m thinking that the next phase of my life will be the three D’s:  Drool, Diarrhea and Dementia.   Not!

No, I’m going to spend my retirement (if it ever gets here) living the three L’s:  Life, Love & Laughter.

How about you?

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Eight Hours


8 hours

Eight hours – A flight to Europe.  A work day.  A road trip. A lifetime.

I experienced many things in 8 hours, but nothing ever like this.

What does 8 hours mean to you?

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A Viral Proposal Will Not Stop a Virus from Infecting Your Marriage

Hawaii young me and rick


My proposal was anything but romantic, but 37 years later, we’re still going strong.  Read about it now in The Washington Post.


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