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Starbucks Saved My Neighbor

Or at least that chain of coffee houses, saved my neighbor’s car. And for that I am eternally grateful. I have a wonderful neighbor.  She has saved my life on numerous occasions by providing a stick of butter, a teaspoon … Continue reading

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A Personal Time Bank

THEN : Changing the Time     NOW : Changing the Time With the end of Daylight Savings, Time has been on my mind. That elusive concept that always seems to pass too slowly when you’re young and way too fast once … Continue reading

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The Future Can Be Spooky

So, here it is – almost Halloween.  The night when the ghosts and goblins (ie, trick or treaters) invade our inner peace. But who is to say that what lies ahead isn’t just as scary? Check out my new science … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11

It was supposed to be an ordinary morning. The alarm would go off. I’d listen to the talk radio, dose off for a few minutes, listen some more and then force myself out of bed. As usual, I’d be the … Continue reading

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Passage 99 – A Pleasure Sister Story

If you like science fiction,  check out my new story – Passage 99. A thought-provoking story about life in the future.  Pleasure Sisters must life by THE MANUAL.  Breaking a Passage will change your life forever.  Especially if it is … Continue reading

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Ode To Our Porcelain God

You’ve been a great companion, But, sadly, here’s the scoop. It’s time for us to say goodbye, We need a place to poop. We’ve shared a lot of stories, And a stomachache or two. And you my miss my squishy … Continue reading

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Between the Lines

One mother’s story of going bra shopping with her tween daughter, turns into so much more than a trip to the mall. Read my short story Between the Lines. on The Sunlight Press. Thanks, Janie   Tweet

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Love, Love & More Love

  Yes, it’s that time of year again – time to show your loved ones how much you care.  Be it with candy, flowers, dinner and wine. Or as in my case- an adding machine! Yes, my husband gave me … Continue reading

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If It’s Tuesday, It’s Dad’s House

I’m sure you didn’t expect to be in this situation when you said your “I dos” and spoke those “for better or worse” vows. When you stood beneath the huppa, or kneeled in the church, or at stood the edge … Continue reading

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Alaska: Seven Days at Sea

Our cruise started on a cool Friday afternoon in Vancouver. After being greeted with a glass of champagne and a smile, we headed for our stateroom, a perfectly designed space with lots of drawers and cubby holes. Around 4:00 pm, we … Continue reading

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