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A Personal Time Bank

THEN : Changing the Time     NOW : Changing the Time With the end of Daylight Savings, Time has been on my mind. That elusive concept that always seems to pass too slowly when you’re young and way too fast once … Continue reading

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Then: Home Economics Now: Home Page

THEN: HOME ECONOMICS NOW: HOME PAGE HOME used to mean a place to eat, sleep & party.  Now it means so much more!   Tweet

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A Personal Time Bank

THEN: CHANGING THE TIME   NOW: CHANGING THE TIME With the end of Daylight Savings and the clocks changing for winter, I’ve been thinking a lot about Time. You know that elusive concept that always seems to pass too slowly … Continue reading

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Bigger than a bread box

Read me today IN THE POWDER ROOM  and see why I miss this great invention. I don’t really know how we’re living without it. Life was so much easier.       Tweet

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Then: Rotary Dialing Now: Butt Dialing

THEN:  ROTARY DIALING     NOW:  BUTT DIALING   With new technology, comes new problems. Before there were cars, no one had to fear running out of gas. When recordkeeping was all done in hand-written ledgers, no one had to … Continue reading

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