Alaska: Seven Days at Sea

The ship

Our cruise started on a cool Friday afternoon in Vancouver. After being greeted with a glass of champagne and a smile, we headed for our stateroom, a perfectly designed space with lots of drawers and cubby holes.


Around 4:00 pm, we set sail for Alaska.

Sailing off

Day on ship


After a day cruising the high seas we docked in Ketchikan.


Next –  A quad ride through Icy Straits.

Quads on Icy StraitsIcy Straits ocean

Nothing like a summer day in Juneau!


Breathtaking ride through the Yukon Trail in Skagway.

White Train passTrain tracks

A cold martini to top off an strenuous day of sightseeing and walking.

Martini glass on bar top

And my favorite day – cruising through the Hubbard Glaciers.

Glacierglacier 2

A beautiful night on the ship.

Ship at night

The captain, cruise director and every member of the crew aboard the Millennium X were all fabulous. Happy to point out directions to the bars and the spas.  And continually offering a squirt of hand sanitizer with a wish for a good day.

On the train way to Anchorage

train to anchorage

Of course, the very best part of the cruise was traveling with friends and family.


The trip ended way too soon and now I have an important decision to make. Should I pick up this


and start cleaning?

Or start packing for another trip?


If you ever get the chance to take an Alaskan cruise. Do it!

I leave you with this final scene: Alaska – The Last Frontier

last shot






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7 Responses to Alaska: Seven Days at Sea

  1. Start packing for your next trip! We did an Alaska cruise with the kids when they were little and it was fantastic! I would love to go again!

  2. Pack the bag. Hire a house keeper. *wink*

  3. Ellen Dolgen says:

    I have never been on a cruise. This looks fantastic! Looks very serene and of course……love the way you relax from a day of sightseeing………I am a martini girl, too!

  4. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Oh, what beautiful photos. I’m sure it was an adventure you will treasure forever.

  5. Janie – we took an Alaskan cruise too – Celebrity Solstice out of Seattle. Looks like you did all the things we did, complete with a martini at the ice bar! Your post brings back many fond memories. My husband and I travelled with friends of 30+ years!

  6. Leanne says:

    There are some beautiful places in Alaska and you seem to have visited a lot of them. I think cruising is definitely the way to go. So glad you enjoyed your trip.

  7. I absolutely loved the cruise I took to Alaska. So peaceful and lovely.

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