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The Boomer Rants Life In Retrograde
  • What They Should Have

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    Dec 17



    They would have been -

    Doctors, barbers

    Airline pilots and plumbers.

    Filmakers, chefs, fireman and dancers.

    They should have become-




    BFF’s and frenemies.

    They should have -

    Seen the end of this millenium.

    Felt the elation of a first kiss.

    Tasted the salty tears of success.

    Heard the music of a father/daughter dance.

    Inhaled the sweetness of a carnation pinned to a wrist.

    They should have.

    But what they have done

    Is touched our hearts






28 Responses to “What They Should Have”

  1. Very touching, Janie, and very true. So very sad…

  2. Beautiful and sad. Thank you, Janie.

  3. Hi Lisa – Thanks. I couldn’t wait to get home that afternoon and hug my grandchildren. I’m sure you felt the same way.

  4. Lovely and hauntingly true. ♥

  5. Beautiful, Janie. Thanks for this.

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  7. Very nice Janie !

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  9. Expresses so much so beautifully. Thank you for sharing it with us…

  10. Ilene Froehlich said on

    Dear Janie, Beautiful words. Thought about all the grandkids: yours, Arlie’s, Danny’s- the world’s!
    Thanks. xxxooo Ilene

  11. Very lovely, Janie. This was very sweet of you to write this for them.

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  16. Beautifully put. Thanks for finding the right words to summarize what is in all our broken hearts.

  17. Sam – It was something that just flowed out of me and I felt compelled to share it with the world.

  18. Ilene – I will for sure.

  19. Beautiful, Janie…simply beautiful.

  20. Beautiful, Janie…just beautiful!

  21. Charlene- Thanks so much. My heart is breaking.

  22. Kathy- Thanks. I hope someday this world is free of such horrible events.

  23. I thought I was all cried out… until I read this. Wow!

  24. I thought I was all cried out… until I read this. Wow!

  25. Jackie – It keeps hitting me at odd times of the day. It think it’s going to take a while to get over.

  26. Heartbreaking.

  27. Gorgeous. So poignant and painful. Sharing…

  28. A terrible tragedy that will forever be a painful memory. Thank you for this post Janie, it rings true.

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